B100TP Turnpoint Patcher and B100 Software
v1.60 18-Aug-2002

This B100 software update and utility creates a B100 software
load image that contains up to 4 sites of your choosing. You
download or create site information, run the B100TP patch utility
to create a new load image, and then load this software into your

************ Copyright and Required Registration ****************

This software is the copyrighted property of Nadler & Associates,
© 1989-2002 all rights reserved. B100 customers are granted
permission to use this software AFTER registering by sending
an email with your complete name, address, phone number, and
B100 serial number to both:
  Dave Nadler <drn@nadler.com>
  Dion Weston <dweston@bigpond.com>
Borgelt Instruments does not have permission to use or distribute
this software, though they will receive permission when amounts
past due are paid to Nadler & Associates.

************  Use this software at your own risk  ***************

This software has received limited testing by B100 customers.
While this software passes our extensive regression test suite,
it has had no flight testing by Nadler & Associates.

Please read the following notes carefully, especially the
WARNINGS, before you attempt to use this software.

*****************  The B100TP Patch Utility  ********************

The B100TP utility creates a B100 software image containing up to
four sites of your choosing. 

- B100TP works *only* with the new B100 software release 1.60,
  included in this package (see release notes below).
- B100TP requires Windows 95 or later.

(1) Install the B100 software in a new folder C:\B100 by
    running B100INST_160.EXE
(2) Prepare (or download from the Internet) your turnpoint files
    in the ILEC SN10 NDB format, and place these files in C:\B100.
(3) Run this B100TP utility. Requires Win95 or later ! Click on:
      Start-> Programs-> B100-> B100 Turnpoint Patcher
(4) Follow the instructions in B100 manual to load the updated
    (patched) B100 software into the instrument.
    - With DOS, use BL to load the B100.
    - With Windows 3.1 computers, click on "B100 Software Load"
      in the "B100" program group.
    - For Windows 95 or later, click on:
      Start-> Programs-> B100-> B100 Software Load

Notes on preparing your NDB files:
- To be usable in the B100, points must have the "Turnpoint"
  or "Landing Field" attributes. A point will only be placed in the
  B100 database if one of these attributes is specified.
- Maximum of 249 turnpoints plus the home point of the site.
- Elevation of points in the NDB file is ignored by B100.
- Any airspace information in the NDB file will be ignored.
- Read DBFORMAT.TXT for a description of the NDB format.

**********************  Release Notes  **************************

Notes on this B100 software update v1.60:
- MANY updates, improvements, and corrections since v1.12Q
- start point on task page
- improved wind calculation (NOT the SN10's GPS wind)
- "Dist to go" before you start a task now shows only task distance
  (and no longer includes distance to start point).
- faster display update for most calculations
- USA sites shipped with 1.12Q are included (no changes).
- Because of space limits, regions for creating sites (Australia,
  England) are not included. Use this version to create new sites
  on your PC !

This B100 software *DOES NOT* include many features of the ILEC SN10.
The B100 was designed in 1989, and has very limited processing
and memory capacity compared to our later designs. That means
many features *CANNOT* fit in the B100, including:
- SN10 GPS wind calculator and graphic wind arrow
- SN10 large capacity turnpoint and landing field database 
- SN10 moving map with airspace boundaries
- SN10 flight recorder
- SN10 PClink with easy update of sites
Other SN10 features not included are:
- SN10 Club mode
- SN10 Custom Page
- Automatic start, finish, and turnpoint arrival
- Touring option
- Point elevation in database, for use in Alternate calculations
  (B100 arrival altitude at alternate is given above sea level)

********************  Notes and WARNINGS  ***********************

This version of the B100 software is forward compatible, but not
backward compatible with version 1.12Q. When you load this software,
all of your existing turnpoints and settings will be preserved.
If you subsequently reload version 1.12Q of the B100 software,
any sites and turnpoints you have updated or entered into the B100
will be UNUSABLE (though all your settings will be preserved).
If you again load this new version, or a later version, these
sites and points will once again become usable.

Points entered or modified at the B100 in one of the 4 "patch
slots" will be displayed for any future site loaded into the
same patch slot, until you delete this point on the B100.
Please make sure you understand the following sequence:
(1) You create a patched image with Benalla as the first
patch site, and load this into your B100.
(2) At the B100, you change the coordinates of turnpoint
FRED in the Bennala site.
(3) You create a new patched image with Minden as the
first patch site, and load this into your B100.
(4) You now see FRED in the list of turnpoints at Minden,
until you delete it at the B100.

Please send comments to Dave Nadler <drn@nadler.com>
Enjoy !

Copyright © 2002 - Dave Nadler - All Rights Reserved